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About Us

Institute of Advanced Science Facilities, Shenzhen  (IASF)  is a multi-disciplinary research institute responsible for Shenzhen's large-scale science facilities' whole life cycle planning, construction, operation, and maintenance. 

 At the primary phase, There are two active infrastructure projects are being funded, and they are in the stage of designing and construction; one is the Shenzhen Innovation Light-source Facility (SILF), and the other one is the Shenzhen Superconducting Soft-X-ray Free Electron Laser (S³FEL). 

SILF is a diffraction-limited synchrotron radiation facility that has a fourth-generation diffraction-limited storage ring with an electron energy of 3 GeV at a low emittance of 50-150 pm·rad, and it provides photons with a broad range of energy from 4 meV to 160 keV. 

S³FEL is a high repetition rate soft-X-ray super-conducting free-electron laser facility that consists of a 2.5 GeV CW superconducting linear accelerator and four initial undulator lines, which aims at generating X-Rays between 40 eV and 1 keV at rates up to 1MHz. 

With these two facilities, IASF will carry a world-class light source research park.