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【IASF_SRF Seminar】Photon-based characterization using scattering methods

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【IASF学术报告|SRF Seminar】

Photon-based characterization using scattering methods

Lecture 1:  Fundamentals and instrumentation

July 22 2021    4:00 PM

Lecture 2:  Application to functional materials

Aug. 5,   2021    4:00 PM

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Prof. Stephan V. Roth

Adjunct Professor in Synchrotron Radiation Characterization in Fibre and Polymer Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology.

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5 th floor Meeting Room

Host By Prof. Zhou Zhou         


In my two lectures I will first introduce photon-based characterization (lecture 1) and then give an overview of applications of photon-based characterization to material science, chemistry, and physics (lecture 2). The aim is to give a theoretical introduction into synchrotron-based characterization methods, ranging from bulk material to thin films. It provides knowledge on the physics of synchrotron radiation, the instrumentation, and current advances. I will introduce the different scattering, diffraction and imaging methods used in the different science field. The methods instructed will be applied to current topics in material science, chemistry, and physics.


About Prof. Stephan V. Roth

Prof. Stephan V. Roth's research comprises the installation and nanostructuring of thin films in the field of nanoscience and materials for information technology. The lines of research are: Hybrid nanomaterials for energy and information technology, in situ and operando methods, microfluidics.


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